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Bank Michigan also offers AD&D coverage through our Advantage Checking Accounts.

Bank Michigan is pleased to partner with a dynamic and innovative leader in the term life insurance processing market, Quick Life.

About Quick Life

Since its inception in 2008, Quick Life has quickly become recognized as a dynamic and innovative leader in the term life insurance processing market.

Simple. Faster is better, especially when it comes to obtaining quality life insurance protections for your family. Quick Life matches your individual health and lifestyle profile with the best company for you. Some carriers like certain risks and others feel like they have to charge more for them.

Quick Life offers an excellent selection of personalized life insurance products - all from highly-rated life insurance companies. We offer no-cost life insurance quotes for policies that are competitively priced and easy to apply for. Our representatives are licensed term life insurance specialists who provide the straight answers and personal service you need to make informed decisions.

Secure. Getting a quote is simple and secure. Your agent or agency has already put their trust in Quick Life by choosing us to help their valued client (you) with life insurance to protect your family. So, now you can feel confident with us and get started by simply calling the toll-free number or filling out the required information on the Quick Life- and completing all the steps over the next few pages. Don't feel obligated or locked in to the top-rated carrier you choose when clicking on 'apply now.' Your secure information will be routed to our team of friendly, knowledgeable and licensed life insurance agents…and, your information will not be sold or shared with a third party.

A Quick Life licensed agent, representing your life insurance agency or agent, will ask the right questions about your specific objectives and then guide you through the application process. We provide you the important information you need to make the right decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Quick Life concentrates on getting it right the first time and we work with you and the insurance companies to make the process as fast as possible. Once the applications are submitted, you will be contacted by your Quick Life case concierge team assigned to help you get your policy processed with ease and efficiency. Our center performs all quality control, processing, requirement chasing, and case management on the policies to get them in force…and to get your family protected quickly.

Sensible. Protecting your family with the miracle of life insurance is an important, but often hard to take step in your financial planning, so we thank you for visiting our website. Rest assured that you will receive the best prices, the best service and the fastest turn around speed…that's Quick Life. Click Quick Life to get started.